Monday, February 20, 2017

The field is white...and has little brothers doing crazy things.

Photos - December 16

February 20

Fation and Arian

Hello you all! I hope you're all doing well! This week was really quick, and a good one! Real quick, we're teaching those three people above. I'll give you a quick rundown.

Fation- has depression and anxiety and he came to us as we were street contacting, and wanted to meet with us! We've met with him I think everyday since, and he's come to church, and he reads and prays, and has a baptismal date for 11th of March! And we met his parents, and they're cool! It's truth that the Atonement has payed for all kinds of sicknesses including depression and anxiety.

Arian- Literally begged us to baptize him this week without the permission of his parents. He's like a brother, and he's 13, and he's progressing little by little!

I know the Lord loves us and that this gospel is the one true way that we can have lasting, enduring happiness. Also, I gotta go meet with someone called Faith right now! I'lI see your email next week, momma! I love you all so much! :)

Elder Schneider

Conrad and Jessie, thanks for your emails! I love you! Thank you for your insights and for making me laugh! Also, Dan, I watched your video of you running out in the front yard on the snowball again, and I laughed REAL hard again.

January 30

Discontent Albanian House Wives

C'kemi! This week's been rad! Here's a quick rundown.

Monday- After Email we went on got a burger and helped this lady clean up some trays in her restaurant. Even little services soften hearts.

Tuesday- We found Alfred Shkreta, a less active. He's super rad, but his wife does really not like the church, so he doesn't come, hence the title. Cool guy, we'll keep going there. English course rocked again. I have a friend there named Shikim, and we may try to do a lesson about the gospel this week. Also had a lesson with a less active named Geraldo. He's a bro.

Wednesday- We went to go find this less active, and ended up going to Golem, a village like 10-15 minutes outside of Durres, and then after not finding him, we miraculously met up with an investigator that we haven't talked to for a week! Literally a miracle.

Thursday- We had mission conference in Elbasan! We took a public van there, and I talked to this muslim girl, and gave her a book of mormon! Our schedule changed and the key indicators changed! It's a worldwide change. If you want to know more, you can look it up.

Friday- We met with Eduard, whose wife has died 2 years ago. He raises his two daughters himself. We had a rad lesson, and the spirit was really strong. Elder Kaks was on fire, and in tune with the Spirit. The only bad news is that afterwards he asked us for money, which we can't give, and we haven't talked to him since :/ But we know where he lives! We'll visit him this week!

Saturday- We played futbol with members and got our transfer calls! I'll be staying in Durres for another 6 weeks with Elder Wilson from Idaho! Do you know him?

Sunday- We had lunch with a member, and had a good turnout at church. We had a teenager investigator come, who's 13, and it's sweet! He's got a lot of desire to get baptized, but his parents don't like the church.

Today- We picked up our standing residences so we can be legal and made cookies and ate gourmet waffles!

Conrad, Thanks a bunch for you email, bro. I'll read it again, because I only read it once. Thank you for being inspired. I'm so excited for you and Katie! Woot!

Love you!

Elder Schneider

January 23, 2017

Kë njihni?

Hello family and others! Sorry, I don't have a whole lot of time today, but here's what i did this week!

Monday- We had an awesome FHE with the Agalliu family, and taught about the parable of the Lost Sheep and when Jesus returned to apostles after his resurrection, and it was a nice powerful lesson.

Tuesday- We had English Course again, and it was sweet! I love english course, and we're having a bunch of success!

Wednesday- We had interviews with President Weidmann, and it rocked.

Thursday- English Course! We had almost 20 people there!

Friday- We had a lesson with Ylli, which is a really good piano player, and we jammed together for the first part of the lesson! It was so much fun.

Saturday- We had a stake priesthood meeting, and President Mema spoke, and it was really inspiring!

Sunday- Church was awesome, and we had 65 people in church! We had an investigator come to the last hour. His name is Eduard, and his wife has actually passed away, and he's raising his two girls on his own. I'm really looking forward to teaching him:)

I love you all! This week was better! I believe in Jesus Christ our Savior and know He lives and is the Son of God.

Elder Schneider